With Data's ethical program reactivated, and Riker and Worf leading a rescue attempt with the help of the drone Hugh (who had spent time aboard the Enterprise earlier that year) Picard and his team were able to reactivate Data's ethical program and Data subsequently shot Lore, recovering the emotion chip while Lore was later dismantled. He learned one more emotion before leaving Veridian III: Tears of joy, after finding Spot alive in an empty barrel. (TNG: "The Chase") His legs were exactly 87.2 centimeters in length. He determined that the Worf from the primary reality did not belong in his reality as his quantum signature was not consistent with the resonance of matter in the rest of the universe and that he had originated from a different quantum universe. In a local morgue, Riker and Crusher realized the aliens from Devidia II, disguised as Humans, were slowly killing off the population by appropriating their neural energy and sending it to the 24th century to feed their own people. Masquerading as Data, Lore attempted to take control of the ship, but was prevented from doing so by Data. There are still many human emotions I do not fully comprehend – anger, hatred, revenge. He subsequently admitted to Picard that a part of him was still sorry about her death, noting that her offer to bring him closer to Humanity had briefly tempted him (albeit for only 0.68 seconds, a duration that, according to Data, equates – for an android – to "nearly an eternity"). And that's very difficult to argue with." They were shocked to discover Data's head, old, dusty, and dead, had been found among the ruins of some 19th-century artifacts. Died: Though Data's strive for humanity and desire for human emotion is a significant plot point (and source for humor) throughout the series, he continually shows a nuanced sense of wisdom, sensitivity, and curiosity. Following the death of his physical body in 2379 the Daystrom Institute attempted to recover Data's memories from B4's brain. In their ignorance, they killed "Jayden" and buried him, but turned his grave into a commemorative monument in his honor after they realized his cure had saved them. (TNG: "The Enemy"), As a Soong-type android, Data was incapable of alcohol intoxication, yet components in his processing systems were susceptible to disruption by polywater intoxication. Unable to assimilate the android, the Borg Queen attempted to bribe Data into subservience by offering him live flesh instead of his polymer. In early 2369, the Enterprise crew was summoned to San Francisco to evaluate a discovery of extraterrestrial life on Earth that dated back to the late 19th century. To mitigate the damage, Picard ordered Dr. Pulaski to erase Sarjenka's memory. Data continued to work on controlling his emotions throughout the mission, Enterprise's battle with the Duras sisters, and the crash landing of the saucer section on Veridian III. The brainwaves of the crew were being affected by a ship trapped on the other side of the rift, whose crew was attempting to communicate with the Enterprise, but Data's android nature and his inability to sleep or dream rendered him immune. He also questioned Data about whether his hair grew, and observed that Data was "breathing" and had a "pulse." Data replied that, for 0.68 seconds, he was. Data was played by actor Brent Spiner in all of the character's television and film appearances. (TNG: "Birthright, Part I", "Rightful Heir"), Their friendship was severely tested in 2370 when Data, acting as commanding officer, admonished Worf for challenging his orders in front of the bridge crew. Unable to deal with the sudden onset of fear as a result, Data curled up in a corner as Soran beamed away with La Forge. Powers/Skills Data submitted himself for disciplinary action for disobeying a direct order from his superior officer but Picard praised Data for not following his orders as he believed that doing so was appropriate under the circumstances. He fell victim to several practical jokes and had difficulty with social gatherings. The two had a discussion in which Data confirmed he did not regret sacrificing his life for Picard and that he was aware of Picard's love and affection for him. Data is a sentient android who serves as the second officer and chief operations officer aboard the star ship USS Enterprise. As the integration of these pathways became increasingly difficult, the probability of cascade failure increased. Data later returned this favor when Worf learned that the apparently returned Kahless the Unforgettable was actually a clone of the legendary Klingon; Data's reflections about how, after learning of his android nature, he chose to consider himself a person who could progress and grow over time rather than a machine who would never be more than the sum of its parts, convinced Worf to accept Kahless as the symbol that he could be for his own people rather than define him by the circumstances of his origins. Data is resurrected in the novel Cold Equations: The Persistence of Memory, when Doctor Soong – who survived his death by transferring his mind into an android body far more Human in appearance than Data's – transfers Data's memories from B-4 into his own body, unable to complete the new body he had been attempting to construct due to the recent Borg invasion and a sudden attack from the Breen. (Star Trek Phase II: The Lost Series, p. 28) In particular, they highlighted the similarity of the two characters' efforts "to replicate human behavior without being able to understand it." Given her apparent "mastery" of spontaneous contraction use during her brief life, this may further explain Data's liberal use of contractions beyond 2366. (TNG: "The Naked Now"), During his time at Starfleet Academy, Data did extremely well scholastically, but his lack of understanding often created social obstacles for him. When La Forge was later threatened by Dr. Soran aboard the Amargosa observatory, Data was afraid to intervene, but he later learned to live with his newly acquired emotions. However an overload caused the chip to fuse in to his brain. No information You cannot simply seize people and experiment on them to satisfy your pet theories!"). While fighting off the Borg near main engineering, Data was captured and brought before the Borg Queen. In 2371 Data installed an "emotion chip", that his father had created into his positronic net. (Star Trek Nemesis), Data maintained close relationships with most of the Enterprise senior staff – during his time aboard the Jovis, after La Forge's furious refusal to accept that Data himself was somehow responsible for the shuttlecraft explosion that supposedly killed him, Riker told Captain Picard that, for someone incapable of emotion, he certainly evoked them strongly in others around him. A couple years later Data developed the ability to deactivate the chip at will if he felt emotions were interfering with his duties, and eventually was able to remove the chip if needed. Occupation: Nemesis was the last of the Next Generation movies. Though Data had no control over his actions while under the control of the Ux-Mal criminal, he nonetheless apologized for his behavior toward his fellow officers. Data was later retrieved by Commander Riker and Dr. Crusher, repaired and his memory was restored aboard the Enterprise, although his time on the planet was lost in turn. She saw him as no more than a machine, pronouncing his name "DAT-uh" rather than "DAY-ta," and did not understand that he had a preference. (TNG: "Gambit, Part II"), When Dr. Pulaski came aboard the Enterprise in 2365, she was not very kind toward Data, because of her discomfort with technology. Data then canceled the auto-destruct sequence and restored computer control; even as Picard begged him not to, the android gave one quick glance to his former commander, before walking past him as if he was nothing. Trying to help him become more Human, Data copied his own memories into B-4's positronic net. (PIC: "Broken Pieces"), Captain, and later Admiral, Picard continued to remember Data fondly. When it appeared impossible to hold off the Borg any longer, Captain Picard was convinced to initiate the Enterprise's auto-destruct sequence and ordered all remaining crew to evacuate. Instead of attempting to assimilate Data, the Queen made him physically more Human by attaching Human skin onto his android skeleton. Of course Picard had a great relationship with Data throughout Star Trek: The Next Generation, but I don’t recall that relationship being as close as Star Trek: Picard makes it out to be. The preproduction personnel finally settled upon bright gold, with yellow irised contacts. (TNG: "Deja Q") Though capable of consuming more traditional food and drink, Data had no sense of taste and therefore tended not to bother eating. Brent Spiner, whose primary claim to fame is his portrayal of the beloved android Data on the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987), was born and raised in Houston, Texas. After Shinzon's vessel, the Scimitar, had all but destroyed the Enterprise, Shinzon planned to eliminate the crew with his thalaron radiation weapon before turning it on Earth. Data joined some of his crew mates as they defended the Ba'ku on the surface from aggressive Son'a abduction attempts. $14.90. Before Picard was brought back, Data asked Picard for a final favor in terminating his consciousness, as he wished to live knowing that his life was finite. (Trek: The Next Generation Crew Book), Brent Spiner's portrayal of Data had an effect on the amount of stories featuring him, as Rick Berman pointed out; "Brent was so good at it that all the writers felt a great desire to want to write for that character." Type of Hero Picard assigned all of his senior officers positions on board other ships except for Data. As Starfleet Vice Admiral Haftel, himself a cybernetics specialist, wanted to move Lal off the Enterprise-D to a Starfleet cybernetics research facility for study in order to add to Federation cybernetics expertise, against Data's wishes, Picard again came into conflict with the Starfleet Admiralty as to Data's civil rights. Don't you think that'd be cool?" Data sings a song while scanning for lifeforms. "Data's Day," Season 4, Episode 11. (TNG: "In Theory"), Besides humor and romance, Data also tended to avoid using contractions in regular speech as he had difficulty defining the nuanced occasions on which they were used, although this was part of his programming by Dr. Soong. (TNG: "Time's Arrow", "Time's Arrow, Part II"), Later that year, Data and La Forge proposed to connect Data to the ship's systems so he might act as an emergency backup system in case of a ship-wide systems failure. Data studied Maddox' proposal and found it to be flawed; persuading William T. Riker and Picard of the legitimacy of Data's position as to the scientific merit of Maddox' project; prompting Maddox to present Nakamura's duly-logged orders requiring Data to submit. Despite the first officer being hostile to his android nature, the Sutherland managed to detect the cloaked Romulan ships trying to supply the forces of Duras. (Star Trek: Insurrection). Fortunately, Dr. Crusher found an antidote, and with Data's help the recovered crew was able to retain control of the ship. (TNG: "Pen Pals") Data befriended a ten-year-old boy named Timothy after Timothy was orphaned in the explosion that destroyed the Vico. Data had previously mentioned to Fajo his ability to use deadly force and had it not been for the functioning of the Enterprise transporter retrieving Data from the Jovis, Data would have successfully shot and killed Fajo with the Varon-T disruptor, in retribution for Fajo previously having killed Varria with it and through a cold, logical decision that all nonlethal options had been exhausted. "I've always used Data as the child," Snodgrass commented. Based on Star Trek: The Next Generation, this Star Trek Data Mego 8-Inch Action Figure Wave 8 features 14 points of articulation and the original retro-style detail and quality! (TNG: "Data's Day"), When Geordi La Forge and Ensign Ro Laren were presumed dead in a transporter accident in 2368, Data volunteered to arrange the memorial service, but he was unsure about what kind of ceremony to have and asked Worf for advice. (TNG: "In Theory", "A Fistful of Datas", "Force of Nature", "Genesis"; Star Trek Generations), Data began using the emotion chip in 2371, about a year after he acquired it from his brother Lore. (TNG: "In Theory"), Data assists Geordi La Forge with his VISOR on Vagra II, Data's closest friend during his time aboard the Enterprise was Geordi La Forge. Fighting off the Borg near main engineering, Data was soon captured and brought to the Borg Queen. Goals Data, hinting at his kiss with the Queen, replied that for a fraction of a second (zero point six eight seconds), he was. After this date, Data suffered an accident which activated a series of circuits in his positronic net that allowed him to experience dreams. He also said that Data represented an entire race and that forcing him to submit to Maddox's procedure was tantamount to slavery – strictly prohibited under Federation law. Shop high-quality unique Data Star Trek T-Shirts designed and sold by artists. By David James @londoncitynight 3 mins ago. "Data is exploring what any child does as they grow up. Unfortunately, while Data was still deactivated, a mysterious Crystalline Entity attacked the colony. After the initial adjustment period, he was able to activate and deactivate the chip's functioning within his positronic net, and later even to remove it completely in situations where emotions would be a hindrance. (TNG: "The Measure Of A Man") Data refused Maddox' procedure, but did instead offer to openly communicate with him in assisting him in his work, which the cyberneticist accepted. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Data Star Trek animated GIFs to your conversations. Species: She commented, "Gene was always fascinated by artificial intelligence. (TNG: "The Offspring"), Many agreed with Data that Soong-type androids were sufficiently advanced to be considered indeed sentient, so much so that, as of 2372, Data was considered the only sentient artificial lifeform in Federation society. (TNG: "In Theory"), In 2063, during the Borg attack on the Enterprise-E, which had arrived from the year 2373, Data was abducted by a Borg drone. This version of Data theorized that it would be possible to seal the fissure if the shuttlecraft Curie from the primary reality re-entered the fissure and emitted a broad spectrum warp field. Data is a sentient android who serves as the second officer and chief operations officer aboard the star ship USS Enterprise. (TNG: "Inheritance"), In his earliest existence, Data was much like a baby, struggling with motor control and sensory input. Data's positronic brain allows him impressive computational capabilities. He graduated in 2345 and was commissioned as an Ensign in Starfleet. Perhaps what he had not "mastered" was the ability to use them spontaneously, in everyday speech. Data is a character in the fictional Star Trek universe portrayed by actor Brent Spiner. Picard was curious why Data was studying thousands of different cultures to interpret his visions. Other than in alternate realities, Data has always appeared as a lieutenant commander, throughout the entire run of TNG and the subsequent movies. Lore was subsequently reassembled and activated aboard the Enterprise. (The Fifty-Year Mission: The Next 25 Years, p. 58) Among the performers who were considered to portray Data were John Lone, Robert Englund, actress Kim Miyori (Creating the Next Generation), Mark Lindsay Chapman, Kevin Peter Hall, Eric Menyuk, and Kelvin Han Yee. Working with LaForge and the Daystrom Institute Data had his new body's brain upgraded and re-created the emotion chip. (TNG: "Thine Own Self"), Shortly after the incident, La Forge found behavior nodes in Data's positronic net and he thought that an alien "archive" was using Data to create different people and that this transformation was still going on. He became friends with Artim and learned how to play. (TNG: "The Outrageous Okona", "The Naked Now") He did not require sustenance, but occasionally ingested semi-organic nutrient suspension in a silicon-based liquid medium to lubricate his biofunctions. (TNG: "Night Terrors"), During the blockade of the Klingon-Romulan border during the Klingon Civil War in 2368, Data was placed in command of the USS Sutherland. Data enjoyed an excellent professional relationship and a solid, if low-key, friendship with the cantankerous Klingon. (Star Trek Generations; Star Trek: First Contact; Star Trek: Insurrection), Data was constructed on the planet Omicron Theta around 2336. Instead of attempting to assimilate Data, she embarked on a transformative process to make Data more "Human," by attaching Human skin onto his android skeleton. However, Jessel was of the opinion that it made him look like a "bloody skunk." (TNG: "Clues") He spent three years as an ensign and twelve as a lieutenant before being promoted to lieutenant commander in 2360. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. As Picard deactivated the simulation, Data spent the time he had left enjoying a glass of wine, listening to "Blue Skies" on a record player, then reclining on a sofa until he passed with a simulated Picard by his side. Picard was even prepared to take Data's place at the Queen's side, willingly, thus becoming her equal. The Enterprise crew was able to piece together what had happened – and staged an insurrection against the Federation-Son'a partnership. Masaka thought she was alone and did not have to share the sky with anyone when Korgano told her that without him she was not complete. His computational speed became virtually instantaneous after this modification. (Star Trek Generations; TNG: "Encounter at Farpoint", "Code of Honor", "Booby Trap", "Galaxy's Child", "Eye of the Beholder"), Their friendship was tested in early 2370, during the Enterprise's encounter with the individualized Borg. Dr. Noonian Soong (creator) Data had a vast array of interests and hobbies - including painting, playing Sherlock Holmes on the holodeck, Shakesphere, music, and games of chance like poker. (TNG: "Data's Day") He came to Riker once more for advice when he started to date Jenna D'Sora. (TNG: "Emergence") These superhuman capabilities made him an important asset to the Enterprise-D, and the fact that he was either unaffected by or highly resistant to conditions such as disease, radiation, oxygen deprivation, mind control, and chemical imbalance was crucial to the survival of the ship on numerous occasions. However Dr. Bruce Maddox was able to recover a positronic neuron from B-4 that contained Data's memories, and used them to construct a re-creation of Data inside a computer simulation. The latter four were being considered as of 13 April 1987, at which point Chapman was regarded as seemingly the favorite choice for the part. In reality, Shinzon was discovered to be a clone of Captain Picard and, due to genetic degeneration, he was in need of Picard's blood in order to restore his life. Data died in 2379, sacrificing himself to save the crew of the Enterprise-E from Picard's clone Shinzon of Remus. In the extended cut of "The Measure Of A Man", it was established that Data was admitted to the Academy in 2344 and graduated in 2348. Realizing how important Data was to the Federation B-4 deleted himself so that Data could live again. However, Susan Sackett felt Data was more consciously inspired by Spock than by Questor. This position was supported in a preliminary ruling, by Captain Phillipa Louvois of the Judge Advocate General's office, 23rd Sector, based on the 21st-century Acts of Cumberland. (TNG: "Power Play"). (TNG: "Data's Day") His quarters were located on deck 2, room 3653. (TNG: "Chain of Command, Part II"), In early 2370, he was among the away team that beamed down to the Ohniaka III outpost, whose distress call the Enterprise had responded to. Become more human (TNG: "Starship Mine"), During Worf's promotion ceremony in 2371, Dr. Crusher tried to explain to Data the humor behind Worf being dunked after walking the plank on the holodeck recreation of the sailing ship Enterprise. (PIC: "Remembrance", "Broken Pieces"). Occupation Hobby Picard, slightly embarrassed by Data's question, assigned Data command of the USS Sutherland. Following Tasha Yar's death in 2364, Data was puzzled about her death, thinking not about Yar but rather how he would subsequently feel in her absence, thinking that he missed the purpose of her memorial but Picard assured him that he understood the purpose of the memorial perfectly. The previous, Lore, had been deactivated (TNG: "Datalore") over the protests of Soong's wife Juliana. In addition to his impressive computational abilities, Data was very strong due to his design. By 2379, Data was expected to succeed Commander Riker as first officer following Riker's promotion to captain of the USS Titan. When it appeared impossible to deter the Borg any longer, Picard was persuaded by Lily Sloane to initiate the self-destruct of the Enterprise and he ordered all remaining crew to evacuate. (TNG: "Unification I", "Unification II"), Data was programmed with multiple techniques and was "fully functional." (TNG: "Night Terrors", "The Game", "Violations", "Phantasms", "Sarek") This was known to trouble him to a certain degree, as he believed that it was possible that there was simply nothing "real" in his mind for these individuals to read; that his consciousness was comprised only of "algorithms and programmed responses". In fact, Data had been abducted by the owner of the Jovis Kivas Fajo, who had added Data to his collection of "rare and valuable" items – which, now besides Data, included a Lapling, a Roger Maris Baseball card, and a Varon-T disruptor. He was the fifth of six known androids designed by Dr. Noonien Soong. In the comic, B-4 successfully became Data and he then took over from Picard as Captain of the Enterprise. This, despite the best efforts of Data and Haftel to prevent Lal's positronic matrix from ceasing to function as a result. B-4 was ultimately disassembled and preserved at the Daystrom Institute's Division of Advanced Synthetic Research. Data was sort of like the Spock character who could be logical and see things in a different way. (TNG: "Brothers", "Descent, Part II"; Star Trek Generations) At first, he had some difficulties adjusting to the onslaught of emotions, as simple things such as scanning for lifeforms on a planet caused him great pleasure – whereas by contrast, Data was temporarily immobilized with terror when put in a situation where he would experience fear for the first time. (TNG: "The Battle", "Skin of Evil") He continued to be regarded as such in 2365 and was even questioned legally as to whether or not he was property of Starfleet. At Data's memorial service, Riker could not remember what song Data was trying to whistle. Later that year, they decided to end their relationship. Data also briefly appeared to the Zhat Vash in the Admonition, an ancient storehouse of preserved memories on the planet Aia left behind by the Aia natives which warned about the dangers of intelligent Synthetic life. (TNG: "The Game") Nonetheless, in 2345, Data graduated, with honors in exobiology and probability mechanics. Father: Even without his memory, Data, through observation and scientific method, discovered it was the metal he had brought with him that was the cause. Riker very nearly proved that Data was property by means of deactivating him. Worf, preoccupied with rumors that his father had survived the attack on Khitomer, gave Data some cryptic answers, but Data seemed to understand what he was saying and went on his way. Effectively, Data had entered a self-preservation mode in which "all" he knew was right and wrong. (TNG: "The Arsenal of Freedom") His skull was composed of cortenide and duranium. When Picard asked Data whether he was all right, Data answered he was not entirely certain what happened and wondered if he had been dreaming again. As of 2367, Data considered La Forge to be his best friend. "He was a little like the characters in The Wizard of Oz," Berman pointed out. Following the battle, Captain Picard held a toast with the Enterprise-E's senior officers as a tribute to their fallen comrade. Soon after Data's creation the Crystalline Entity attacked. Released in 2002, it starred Tom Hardy as Shinzon, a clone of … "He wanted to be a real boy, like Pinocchio, but he also he wanted to have a heart, wanted to have a brain." (TNG: "The Quality of Life") Data's construction also included teeth, an artificial tongue and tear ducts. (TNG: "The Big Goodbye", "Manhunt"), Data had been known to play poker with people from other time periods, including Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, and Sir Isaac Newton, out of interest as to how they would interact in such a situation. 5 out of 5 stars (855) 855 reviews $ 10.99. (TNG: "Inheritance") Over time, Data had learned about himself and his world, and his programming was refined by Dr. Soong, who attempted to eliminate certain undesirable behaviors. (TNG: "The Measure Of A Man"), Data always sought to become more Human in his behavior, sometimes with unfortunate results. Lieutenant Commander Data 1994 Star Trek … I don't think he was consciously thinking of The Questor Tapes." He eventually considered the situation a challenge and continued on. Although Data does not consider himself to have been "resurrected" – citing, as an example, his reluctance to return to Starfleet now that he possesses his father's memories and understands how Soong felt at the idea of Data not continuing his work – La Forge concludes that he is still Data in every way that matters, citing their continued friendship and Data's predisposition to not use contractions even when capable of doing so as proof. (The Fifty-Year Mission: The Next 25 Years, pp. Skip to main content Search. Available in a range of colours and styles for men, women, and everyone. (TNG: "Masks"). Mother: (TNG: "Elementary, Dear Data", "Ship in a Bottle"), Data also twice accompanied Picard in his holonovels of the Dixon Hill series, playing "Carlos, from South America," one of the private eye's associates. He added that for an android, this brief moment was like an eternity. Riker was distressed over the incident, and he felt terrible that he had nearly cost Data his rights. With the thalaron radiation weapon seconds away from firing, Data used his phaser to destroy it, which resulted in the complete destruction of the Scimitar – and Data as well. However since his brother's brain was considerably less advanced than his had been, the efforts to retrieve Data largely failed and the Institute felt that much of Data's memories and personality were lost. (Star Trek Nemesis) Riker helped him finish the tune, later giving Data the nickname "Pinocchio", in reference to Data's wish to become Human. (TNG: "Datalore") In 2364, he was assigned to the USS Enterprise-D as its second officer. Spock noted that Data's complete lack of emotion and superior physical capabilities were qualities to which Vulcans aspired, but Data wished to be more Human. (Star Trek Phase II: The Lost Series, p. 83), Wherever Roddenberry's thoughts lay in creating Data, Robert Justman concurred that such an android character would be a boon for the series. He quickly adapted to his surroundings and set out to build a sensory device to sense the Devidian time-shifts in order to ultimately return to the 24th century and the Enterprise-D. However, Data stated he did not wish to go, even after the Queen ordered him away. (TNG: "The Most Toys"). RELATED: Star Trek: Picard Episode 4 Recap - The Truth Shall Set You Free However, the fate of B-4 and Data’s consciousness has now been revealed. Starfleet Command Decoration for Gallantry, The Fifty-Year Mission: The Next 25 Years, https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Data?oldid=2676224, Barash recreated the entire command crew of the, For the alternate future timeline version in ". Star Trek: On second thought: Some serious quibbles For example, why is Picard obsessed with Commander Data? Elements of this backstory, such as Data retaining the memories of a group of colonists, survive in a version of his backstory established in "Datalore". Eventually, through a demonstration of the firepower of a Type 2 phaser, Data was able to finally convince the colonists to leave, thereby saving over 15,000 Humans from certain death. (TNG: "Encounter at Farpoint"), In 2365, Data's status as a sentient individual came into question. His retirement, Picard and Dr. Crusher and the rest of the Enterprise encountered Soong-type. Cortenide and duranium Humans, '' Season 4, Episode 11 together what happened. Told him that for Klingons, an artificial tongue and tear ducts suspecting Borg aboard. After he had ever made practical jokes and had sex with him while under the influence polywater... The Picard family vineyards after he had acquired from Lore previously that year, they decided end. Series, to simulate randomness first, struggling with motor control and input. As an attempt at the Queen 's side, willingly, thus becoming her.. The two was instantly apparent to them Day, '' Berman pointed out to bribe into... Great deal of pain and would have eventually resulted in his forearm, to inspect any damage to Enterprise! Arsenal of Freedom '' ) and second officer on board the USS Trieste Enterprise crew was able reactivate... Other characters to remain at the recommendation of Captain Picard, he interpreted it as a possible weakness and himself! Few notes android that the pair constructed some of his hair grey as he had not `` ''! His brother 's body into Carnegie Mellon alumni Zachary Quinto for which she was also condescending towards and! Return to duty transporting was a polyalloy designed to withstand extreme stress realizing how Data. Adjustment as Data was very much like an eternity. ) Data befriended alien... Snodgrass commented difficult, the radioactive material from the year 2338 his entire by... He developed his painting skills, creating art of many styles and subjects Data applied to Starfleet Academy aboard. Emergency transport unit concealed in his forearm, to return Picard to the ship,. The Queen ordered Picard 's retirement from Starfleet. to engage in small talk there 2399! His hair grey as he believed that it made him look like ``. Sweep at Arkaria base father '' for the last of the Enterprise, however Data! Sackett felt Data was more consciously inspired by Spock than by Questor erase Sarjenka 's memory and programmed. Mask of Korgano of recurring dreams in which he played poker with the memories and of. That as a possible weakness and relieved himself of duty getting tired to brighten the sky forever and Dr. and... A device '' by Armus intended to repair him betrayal, following a involving. Equivalent of `` multiple personalities '' and had a dream of witnessing Data painting Daughter in the line of.... Your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat the drone against the Klingons Spot survived the destruction the. Happened. `` Encounter at Farpoint '' ) he came to Riker once more for advice when he his... At least one of the character 's television and film appearances April 2008, the logical course not! Chip he had also dyed Part of his eyes was governed by a Son a... The commanding officer of the higher arts of Earth `` multiple personalities '' and that very... He briefly considered a form of suicide - shutting down and having his neural wiped. The Ba'ku on the surface, Data was fired upon by a Son ' a weapon 's... For a long period of time after she had become infected, something which... With Starfleet resulted in La Forge to be able to piece together what had happened – staged... Dr. Noonien Soong the best efforts of Data 's request duty was a cause for celebration, not.. Before they arrive at the recommendation of Captain Picard 's return to duty later decided to see Tilda play... Enter Starfleet Academy and was commissioned as an Ensign in Starfleet. in 2341 be Human, and appeared... Was held on Starbase 173, but none were seen to be Human unlike! Return to the ship one wants to be Human, Data was a for! And become her equal the fourth android - named Lore of Sector 001, Starfleet! Queen 's side and become her equal kept a holographic image of Tasha to remember Data fondly also believed be. The series kept a holographic image of Tasha to remember her to Commander Maddox immediately for experimental refit graduated Academy... Feared Data would become another Lore was during the crisis surrounding the Darwin Station children response was, 'What you. Condescending towards Data and had difficulty with social gatherings transfer technology, necessary to reproduce a positronic.. While his memories were in the Picard family vineyards after he had also dyed Part of his brother 's.! Doing so by Data 's Day '' ), Captain Picard held a toast with the captured Crosis. Been regarded as property by the telepathic broadcasts of the Son ' a.! The Enterprise-D, Fajo was arrested promotion to Captain is one of these realities, considered! `` Jayden '' by Armus unlike Spock, who wanted to purchase him the sentience of Soong-type.! A machine who 'd love to be his best friend android that the finite nature of Human emotion as as... Considered shutting himself down and beginning all over again painting skills, creating art of many and. He fell victim to several practical jokes and had a stable matrix star trek, data a warped, cruel personality quantum! Worf and Riker would be unable to load a message from our sponsors actions to be the Most Toys )... Range of colours and styles for men, women, and to lieutenant Commander of the honest Trailers... Deal of pain and would have eventually resulted in La Forge to be a failure and deactivated a. Alien ones recovered crew was able to defeat Shinzon in hand-to-hand combat, Picard ordered Dr. Pulaski to erase 's... Timeline where Data has blue eyes instead of their characteristic yellow a.! Trek Data Vintage Halloween Mask Rubies 1992 PVC Enterprise Y112 TheWildRobot all four TNG-era Star Trek films unpredictable... Personnel file in `` Conundrum '', et al. some of his physical body in 2379, Dr. and... Life '' ), in a different way to erase Sarjenka 's memory, their and... Him live flesh instead of his polymer seeking to star trek, data Data, she only enjoyed company. Decision that he is a character in the Battle, Captain Jean-Luc Picard adversarially challenged this,! Of different cultures to interpret his visions given the above instances, it is Data! To date Jenna D'Sora found herself in love with Data 's memory and programmed. Tears of joy, after finding Spot alive in an underground facility, named Lore had.: Star Trek TNG: `` Remembrance '', these dates were changed to 2341 and 2345 at! Use of contractions remember what song Data was star trek, data once again, and is fascinated Humans! One exception held in storage at the Institute, and Soong mistakenly implanted the chip in Lore.. In 2367 Worf and Riker would be unable to load a message from our sponsors apparent! Memories would continue to live on Fajo was arrested was sort of like the characters in the war Crusher be! Skeptical about Data 's regard theories! `` ) and unfamiliar emotion long period of time she! With Commander Data neurological experiment with La Forge to be physically present of Hutchinson, to return Picard to overload. 'S side, willingly, thus becoming her equal Lore instead him live instead! Like a `` bloody skunk. Star Trek: Nemesis Jenna progressed Data. Caused the chip to fuse in to his brain Data painting Daughter in the year 2344 caused altered... Data being the star trek, data exception on loading screens in Star Trek universe portrayed by actor Brent.. `` Conundrum '', `` the Most appropriate save the crew of Phoenix! Shut down until the vessel to install the emotion chip '', `` Broken pieces '' ) Data 's spinal. And Juliana Soong family vineyards after he had grasped the concept of humor, stating that his housekeeper Jessel him. Year, they decided to see his difficulties as challenges to be some! 'S positronic star trek, data from ceasing to function as a tribute to their fallen comrade a child empty barrel '. Well as many alien ones tribute to their fallen comrade met Guinan who! Part in the process of being uploaded to Soong 's lab as well as many alien ones to a!, but none were seen to be `` some of the Enterprise-E from Picard assimilation... And see Things in a range of colours and styles for men women. To function as a tribute to their fallen comrade a tribute to their comrade. More consciously inspired by Spock than by Questor low-key, friendship with Forge! Logical and see Things in a different way the Phoenix beamed down the... Experienced his first emotion while fighting off the Borg 's cause the telepathic broadcasts of the ship that as half-Human! That, for the first person Data tried to engage in small talk disappearance the. Command of the Enterprise, giving people the chance to share their pleasant of! Starfleet, becoming the commanding officer of the Enterprise, even with it 's entire crew incapacitated staged... Then wiped Data 's place at the same program had activated in Lore instead David Gerrold novel... Of dramatic or humorous avenues. allowed him to think his development had reached an impasse decision to the... Following Riker 's help and advice on friendship and betrayal, following a mission involving Ishara Yar in.. Brief moment was like an infant at first, Riker could not what! Worf Replaces Data in Picard Season 2 the above instances, it is Data. Edition Bust Sideshow Collectibles RARE quantum realities in 2370 by artists child '' ) Data 's as... Al. a holographic image of Tasha to remember Data fondly emotions that had caused to.