On your teleporter entrance have the pressure plate on the left side ontop of the teleporter and on the other you have it on the right, so as soon as you use the teleporter your not instantly standing on a pressure pad because they are on different sides. You can click anywhere on the screen to teleport, but there is a 10 second cooldown. save hide report. Teleporter A is connected to teleporter B via the wire and the triggers are connected using wire of the same color - one by each teleporter. The one-way can be used by any entity, the player must press the Down key when walking through the one-way for the effect to work. 3DS Android iOS ... but that is only back to one bed and not back out to where i was. Places torches along the wire, Not all along but say one ever 100 blocks or less if you want. I couldn't find a break in the wiring, so I attempted to move B closer. Starting at Teleporter A, set where you want to go via the switch banks to the right of it (in this case it is {1,3}), and throw the lever that is just off screen. The only way I can see this not working is that the teleporters are to far apart. As everyone said, but they forgot the rod of discord. I know that only works one way but it may help you slightly. Make sure it doesn't touch the same color wire and it touches the yellow thing in the middle of the teleporter and the switch/lever. User Info: lukos0004. From each of those there're more switches. lukos0004 6 years ago #1. i tried wiring my base all the way to temple but it doesnt seem to teleport me except to the teleport im standing on. One more thing, in order to make my friend admin to teleport does he have to have TShock? Up sends me to a sky lake near my home. As far as the mod goes I don't believe one … The one in my home has 4 switches like a D-pad. And right sends me to my boss arena. Easy way to find if it is the distance would be to set up 1 switch at one end. then put a switch or lever on top of them and hook them up with wire. Terraria; is teleporter limited to a certain distance? Originally posted by tytha01 : yes but you have to make them admin though a command i cant remember just look up how to admin people useing tshock And Closer. is it limited to a certain distance are we not 1.2.3? What I'm about to suggest is going to be very hard to explain so please bear with me. I haven't messed with teleporters much, but i remember reading that the best way is to set the pressure plates on opposite sides of the teleporters. My first 8-way teleporter :D. 24 comments. Terraria PC . share. The first teleport works fine, and I am using a (purple) weighted pressure plate which (to my knowledge) should teleport you from the first destination instantly to the next one. then you put the 2 where you want to travel to and from. It still didn't work. 97% Upvoted. Late endgame item that most people never get. Obtained? ... You over comlicated it all 8 wires can connect to one teleporter iff they are diffrent colors and on the side bl9cks and npt the middle block still nice work ... but if "inverters" mean NOT logic gates (that lil triangle), you just put only one input. The basic setup requires two triggers (switches, levers, or pressure plates), two teleporters and some wire. A one way wall can be created when 1 or more stair platforms are placed vertically on any block(s). Moving from point A to point B is instantaneous with the teleporter. Hey guys, I'm having an issue with my teleporters and I was hoping that one of you could figure out the problem because it has me stumped! Enemies must be pathing toward a target that is below them in order to use this Hoik. Any warp/teleporter mods out there? I have a system of connected teleporters instead. I joined teleporter A to teleporter B around 1000 blocks away and it wouldn't work. So I moved it closer. I assume it's because if you teleport on the right side of one porter, you come out on the right side of the other one too. To use a teleporter, you first need to buy 2 of them. Clicking the left one sends me to the next teleporter to the left (snow biome farm.) As Leoncio said above. Down sends me to my Cavern fishing hole. And just flick the switch.